Because collaboration is the key to good data!

We understand that digital space management is a collaborative exercise. Bring in 3rd party integrations, whether existing or when you feel ready, to allow you to see all your spaces associated data.

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Easy Space Capture

Matterport's apps and cameras allow space capture depending on your needs and costs

  • Use the Matterport Capture app with equipment as easy as mobile smart phones to build up your 3D space.
  • Acquire 3D cameras to help you gain better space capture accuracy and speed for larger sites.
  • For higher resolution captures, use their recommended equipment and gain outputs usable in CAD platforms.
  • Use your Matterport space within Sitedesk or other applications to share your space with others.
  • Create a free account for simple spaces.

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Revit & IFC

For Data Rich Model Imports

Import Asset Information Models from Revit or IFC to ensure all the associated data is readable. 

  • Save time inputting associated data for a space using the AIM.
  • Use the Room/Spaces boundaries to allow additional documentation management to the surrounding area.
  • With your predetermined asset data, set up selection criteria creating 3D schematics.
  • Turn your 3D data rich model to a Digital O&M by uploading and associating all relevant documentation.

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Expand your current Asset Management Platform

Whether on a new deployment or existing system, bring in Sitedesk to provide visualisation through Maximo’s BIM viewer. 

  • Link in Photogrammetry or the data rich model and associate the Maximo data to Assets.
  • Read that data and work orders outside of Maximo within Sitedesk allowing you to give access to more contractors.
  • Extend Maximo existing features with Sitedesk to create a more developed Asset Management System.

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LiDAR scan conversion

LiDAR data can be large and tricky to store. Using Pointfuse you can create a .obj mesh file which can then be uploaded to Sitedesk to allow you to build your space up.

Want to go further? Use Pointfuse features to help you start developing a data rich model with there conversion workflows.

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Move more into the territory of Digital Twins!

Bring in MQTT data to give your digital space that real world connection with immediate sensor data showing directly on the asset. Also available through linking to BMS platforms to provide interfaces within Sitedesk such as flashing indications and warnings of issues.

Specific interface requirement? Get in touch with us to see if this is something we can provide or currently looking at!


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